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WhatsApp policies have been updated, and this means a very important change in one of the very functional tools of this instant messaging application, which means that users will now have to make some adjustments so that they are not affected by this as well, so you can learn about all this, today in this article we will tell you everything. You want to know about it, so we invite you to continue reading this article.

What is the change in WhatsApp policies?

The change in WhatsApp policies includes chat history backups of this app for Android users.

As most of our readers surely know, since 2018, backups of WhatsApp chat history have been created in Google Drive without this backup taking up space in the Google Account, which now has only 15 GB of free space shared between Google services, such as Gmail, Photos Google and Google Drive. This was part of a cooperation agreement between WhatsApp and Google that benefited users.

However, for some time now Google advertisement Soon, your WhatsApp backups on Android will start counting towards your Google account’s cloud storage limit in a similar way to how they are handled with other platforms, which implies that this backup of WhatsApp chats on Android will now subtract from your free 15 GB of space. In your Google account.

In this way, it was announced that “this change will begin to be implemented first for WhatsApp Beta users from December 2023, and then gradually for all WhatsApp users on Android starting from the beginning of next year.” This means that the 15 GB of free space available to Google could run out faster with this backup, and therefore, when the limit is reached, it will be necessary to free up space to resume it or, on the other hand, to have more storage space.

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What configurations do I need to make before this update?

Since your WhatsApp backups will now take up some of the 15GB of free space offered by Google, we recommend that you do the following:

Delete content from chats that you don’t want to back up. To prevent your free 15GB of Google space from running out faster due to WhatsApp backups, the best thing you can do is to delete content from chats that you no longer want to back up. To do this, simply go to WhatsApp Settings, then to Storage and Data, then tap on Manage Storage; Once here, you can identify the conversations you’re having and delete multimedia content that’s not relevant enough to have a backup.

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