Jeremy Hunt timing: The United Kingdom reveals its economic plan

Tax increases, spending cuts, and assistance to vulnerable groups are the keys to the plan unveiled today by British Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt

It’s the moment of truth United kingdom. Jeremy Hunt The Minister of Finance will reveal it this Thursday Economic plan In which he is buried The black shadow left in the pound and bonds project lees truss. The UK’s goal: not to be isolated.

Keys to the UK’s plans and the ECB’s eurozone alerts on the matter Podcast With Luis Vicente Muñoz and Laura Blanco:

Podcast: Gwendos and Hunt, two men avoiding fate

Downing Street’s Jeremy Hunt and the European Central Bank’s Luis de Guindos take on the recession

Scale magnifying glass

In “La Loba” by Laura Blanco for “El Balance” we review the UK’s 41-year-old record inflation and its economic policy.

European Central Bank Financial Stability Report

The weak, on target

the Vulnerable families It is the focus of attention of both the United Kingdom and eurozone institutions. While the UK is expected to announce some concrete support for low-income earners this Thursday, the European Central Bank warns in its latest financial stability report of the impact of the crisis on low-income households.

Specifically, A A 10% increase in the cost of living means a 20% impact on the purchasing power of low-income peopleStopAim for 5% impact In middle-income families. Moreover, the most vulnerable families allocate 70% of their income to cover basic needs compared to 34% of their income for middle-income families.

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