These are some of the Halo Infinite cheats

What was unfortunately expected, though certainly not required, does happen, and it didn’t take long: lCheats have arrived in the multiplayer game Halo Infinite. This is a sad fact that is all too common on PC, especially in titles Free to play, this leads to many 343 Industries console users asking to allow disabling via playAnd As we reported a few hours ago.

Little by little, the visual material related to this situation emerges, which I undoubtedly think is absolutely necessary to be able not only to identify these people, but also to report on those people who are trying to spoil our experience.

It’s outrageous, but these are just a few examples of deception in Halo Infinite

Namely, watching these clips, I honestly can’t do more than annoy and remember why I’ve always preferred a good game against bots, rather than an online game against other players. If not, look at this short video shared by a Twitter user ZlepOfficiaHe is the one who comments that the cheater told him so “I was using a mod for the controller”.

We also have a tweet from jcb_response It is clearly seen how a cheater uses a combination of embot And hack wall, Who also shares his Xbox profile in the comments.

Of course these They are not the only clips Available in relation to the topic, because in addition to the posts appearing on Twitter and reddit In connection with this, a large number of videos have already started appearing on YouTube, which not only talk about how much this affects Halo Infinite, but also how rude some cheaters can be.

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