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Thousands of Hondurans went to the polls on Sunday to participate in the Central American country’s presidential, legislative and municipal elections.

The day was marked by delays at some of the 5,755 polling stations, difficulties in delivering technological equipment, including a fingerprint reader, a lack of training in the use of the results transmission system, and incidents that sparked controversy and calls of condemnation among citizens. and election observers in the Latin American country, Sputnik reported.

According to Telesur, another claim is that the National Electoral Council’s website did not work and that residents were unable to find their polling station. Accordingly, the authority clarified in a statement that “the fall of the website of the National Elections Council to consult the census is under investigation.”

Of the 14 presidential candidates, two have emerged as candidates. On the one hand, the leftist candidate of Libertad y Retardación (Libre), Xiumara Castro, wife of former President Manuel Zelaya, who was overthrown in the 2009 coup. On the other hand, Nasri “Tito” Asfoura, of the ruling National Party, who is currently the president of Metropolitan Municipality Tegucigalpa.

In the elections, Hondurans will elect a new head of government, three presidential appointees, 20 members of the Central American parliament, 128 deputies to the National Congress, and 298 mayors and their advisors.

Kelvin Aguirre, president of the National Electoral Council of Honduras, issued a newsletter declaring that the body had up to 30 days to communicate the final results of the elections.

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