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Do not miss all the news that has arrived on WhatsApp with its June 2023 update.

WhatsApp was updated in June with interesting news

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the world and every new thing that comes to the messaging app is very important. After the May WhatsApp update where we saw many news, we already have it on Updated June 2023 with a certain newness that you will surely use almost daily.

WhatsApp has just been updated to Version 23.12.76 on iOS We hope that a new official update for the Android app will be released soon. It is an update with a very interesting novelty.

WhatsApp icon on a green background with an edit button

Message editing is finally coming to WhatsApp

New WhatsApp update for June

June is an important month for WhatsApp in terms of news. Just a few days ago, WhatsApp announced powerful new privacy features, along with the knowledge that one of the biggest changes to WhatsApp history is in the works: the ability to use two accounts on the same device.

Now, after updating the app, there are two more significant improvements to WhatsApp:

  • Now, you can edit messages within 15 minutes of sending them. To get started, tap and hold on the message and select Edit.
  • When you create a call link from the Calls tab, you can select “Add to Calendar” to add the WhatsApp call link to the iOS Calendar app.
Screenshots of editing WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp now allows you to quickly and easily edit the messages we have sent

Editing already sent messages on WhatsApp might be one of the best news of the year. Certainly on more than one occasion I sent a message and then realized there was some kind of errorYou will now have 15 minutes to solve it.

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Once the message is edited, The word Editor will appear below. This is a notification so that the rest of the chat will know that this message has been modified, although they won’t be able to access the version history and see the original message.

On the other hand, if you use WhatsApp calls a lot, It’s interesting to be able to add a reminder to the calendar directly from the app. This way, shortly before that call starts, a notification will appear on your iPhone so you don’t miss it.

Moreover, one must remember this whatsapp works In more interesting news such as video messages, sending photos and videos without losing quality or the option to use usernames. Perhaps we will see some of this news in the July WhatsApp update.

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