There is no cure for LTR and the United States dominates it

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Published: 2024-03-24 at 20:12:16 PST

Updated: 2024-03-24 at 21:57:40 PST

no doubt. CONCACAF's giant is Team USA. Practically walking, Team USA stood at AT&T Stadium and won again with a “Two to cerou” that had already fed up with the Mexican fans.

The United States national team wins its third title in the European Nations League and disgraces Mexico. He is no longer able to deal with the United States. He chokes on what used to be a sandwich. For historians, this could be the norm for the Mexican people, a global power, but always in the past, and in the present a power only in the field of selling shirts and tickets, but the fans turn away with every defeat. What begins with a national party ends with a cry of “damn it.” International disgrace.

The match opened with a shot from Tyler Adams. Guillermo Ochoa, clearly that is no longer enough for him. The ball scratched his fingers, but he was still far from what he was in his prime. Although this is true, without him there would have been four goals.

The referee stopped the match until the 88th minute due to the anti-gay screaming. Constant when the team is not going. People say so, but the higher-ups turn a deaf ear and say it's the fault of the bad atmosphere surrounding El Tri.

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People left the square, but those who were in the square no longer cared, they had already left the dollars, and that is the most expensive.

The US gave it a go and review. From head to toe, the North American team is better, in fact, much better. Something that had never happened in the past, but anyone with half a brain would have expected would happen.

A new Copa America follows, but it will certainly be the same story again…

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