His million-dollar plan to fight UFC’s Ngannou and return to WWE

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Tyson Fury He has always been a boxing legend. He confirmed it last weekend when he retained the heavyweight title World Boxing Council before his compatriot Dillian White. In a special place, a stadium Wembley London, and in front of a large audience, 94,000 people,gypsy kingHe defeated his opponent hard uppercase letter Farewell.

Because yes, Fury hung up his gloves last Saturday. It was something he advertised for a long time, but no one wanted to believe it. But the boxer, born south of Manchester, confirmed this both actively and passively after the fight against Wyatt. “No amount of money will change my mind,” he said.

The decision was a promise to his wife: “Boxing is a very dangerous sport, you can take a loss in one punch as we saw on Saturday night, and it only takes one unlucky punch and you may not get off the carpet.”

“I quit while I was awake. Unbeaten, I am the second man in history to retire as an undefeated heavyweight champion,” he added, puffing his chest. Boxing is losing one of its greats, but it wouldn’t be the last time Fury got into the ring.

The 33-year-old Fury does best with punches. And if those hits were a multi-million dollar factory, it’s hard to come home and say goodbye. We may never see Tyson fight professionally again, but several plans are already in the works to keep the money machine wrath going.

Fury vs. Nagano

The fight between two heavyweights has been rumored for a while. One for boxing and the other for mixed martial arts. Tyson Fury and Frances Ngano, the UFC division champion since last year. Two giants face to face. 2.03m and 120kg. Fury for 1.93m and 119kg. Nagano.

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Frances Ngannou, in a fight in the UFC


Some dare say that it will be greater than the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. s Conor McGregor, which became the second most traded PPV contest in history.

The fight is still cooking. Ngannou, who has a contract with the UFC until 2023, confirmed that he would not renew if they did not allow him to face the British boxer: “The fight is part of the discussion. It will be difficult to sign another contract if the fight is he said a few days ago.

The clash of the giants will be historic, but there are concerns about the damage that could be inflicted on Bengano, who is recovering from a serious knee injury, to face Fury in a boxing match. To balance the forces, a hybrid competition can be held, and it remains to be seen what athletes will be allowed in the ring.

Another fight in WWE

If it was a Fury vs. Ngannou will only happen in the next stage, it is likely that another movement by the boxer (or already former boxer) will occur before. It’s about his return to WWE, the biggest wrestling company in the world, where he’s already competing in 2019. His comeback, sooner or later, is a fact: “Million percent, they’ll see me in WWE again. A million percent,” he said a few months ago.

Tyson Fury, in his WWE fight against Braun Strowman

Tyson Fury, in his WWE fight against Braun Strowman


His time in WWE two years ago was the subject of intense commentary. He appeared on SmackDown and then was measured in a gigantic fight for Brown StrowmanNicknamed the beast among men. happened in crown jewelan event held in Saudi Arabia, Fury earned a total of $15 million for the match he won.

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Fury’s return would now be more expensive, but it appears to be on the table. There is a prime date: September 3rd. On that day WWE will be held CardiffWhich will be WWE’s first major event in the world United kingdom which is done in welsh. Although earlier, on July 30, it was celebrated Hello summer 2022 Fury has dropped his presence.

He said at the press conference after his victory over White. Drew McIntyre, the fighter he referred to, picked up the challenge: “Biggest win of his career and he can’t get my name out of his mouth. You have our number!” The show must go on for “Gypsy King”.

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