The worst teams in the world according to FIFA

The FIFA Ranking is the ranking standard for determining the best and worst teams in the world. This ranking, made up of 210 teams, is based on the results of official duels between the different national teams.

In the last update posted in September Belgium emerged as the best team in the world with 1,832 points. Brazil (1,811), Inglaterra (1,755), France (1,754) and Italy (1,735) They have completed the top five of the best teams on the planet.

However, at the other end is the rating that no one wants to merge: the rating of the worst teams in the world.

Check out the dreaded ranking below:

206º Turks and Caicos

It is a British territory located southeast of the Bahamas. Turcas y Caicos belongs to Concacaf and is ranked 206. His best ranking was 158.

207 US Virgin Islands

It is a group of Caribbean islands belonging to the United States. However, they have their own national team, which is a member of CONCACAF. The team that has won only two matches in its history occupies the 207th position in the standings.

208 British Virgin Islands

The archipelago is located in the Caribbean, but belongs to the United Kingdom. His best achievement was number 160, although he has won only seven matches in his history, and he currently ranks 208. Like previous teams, he is a member of CONCACAF.

209º Anguilla

A group of islands belonging to the United Kingdom, although they are located in the Caribbean. The penultimate selection in the standings did not exceed a single World Cup qualifying round.

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210º San Marino

The worst team in the world. San Marino, a small European country surrounded by northern Italy, ranks 210. The national team has a record of not knowing wins after 100 matches.

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