The winners of the eighth edition of the UDLAP Science Prize are honored. Where is the science?

The University of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP), through the General Directorate for the Integration of Students and Graduates, held the award ceremony for the eighth edition of the UDLAP Science Prize Where is Science?, a competition whose aim was to encourage students who are about to complete their studies in secondary education and interest in science, its implications and its impact on daily life. .

In the eighth edition of the UDLAP Science Prize Where is the Science?, young people from institutions in 6 states in the Republic of Mexico participated in one of the five available categories, presenting in video 250 projects that demonstrated with real examples their presence in our environment and their contribution to society, in areas such as physics, nutrition, Nanoscience, nanotechnology, biology, and data science.

After a painstaking review of each of the submitted projects, by a jury composed of professors from the Departments of Chemical Biosciences, Actuarial Sciences, Physics and Mathematics, and Health Sciences at UDLAP, the absolute winners of this award were: In the Biology category, Sofía Méndez Rojas, student at the American School Foundation of Chiapas, with the video “Inside the Human Brain”; In the data science category, Luis Daniel Camarena del Real, a student at Sierra Nevada San Mateo School in Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico, for a work entitled “I Know You Better Than You Know”; In the Physics category, a tie was declared for the videos “The Electromagnetic Spectrum and the Heinrich Olbers Paradox” by Regina Hazel Flores Salgado, and “Electric Guitar Pickups and Playback” by Elian Alfonso Rodríguez Ujaz; In the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology category, the winning video was “Nanotechnology Behind Maya Blue” by Ana Camila Adam Flores, a student at Mexican High School in Reynosa, Tamaulipas; In the Nutrition category, the winning video was “TCA” by Rodolfo Ricardo Gonzalez Barrera, a student at Cristobal Colon Lomas Verdad School in Naucalpan de Juarez, State of Mexico.

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Likewise, in this edition of the UDLAP Science Prize Where is the Science?, 3 special recognition awards were given: the first corresponds to the award for the most voted video category, and the winner is Malnutrition written by Mariana González Aragon Cherubini, a student. At the Humboldt AC School of Cuautlancingo, Puebla. The second was to honor the educational institution with the greatest participation, which on this occasion was the College of Cristobal Colón, Lomas Verdes Campus in the State of Mexico, for its support and dissemination of science among its students. The third is the Teacher Award, which this year was received by: Abel Castellanos, Academician at the American School Foundation of Chiapas AC; Luis Arturo Gonzalez, teacher at Sierra Nevada San Mateo School; and Ricardo Emiliano Alvarez, academic at Cristobal Colon School.

“This is a very special day for all of us because this event shows the interest that the high school community has in the fields of science, which are so essential at this time to solve the existing conflicts and needs faced by humanity. Therefore, the fact that you are here and support the need to train scientists speaks for patriots.” Real, real people seeking to move this country forward,” commented Dr. José Daniel Lozada Ramirez, Dean of Columbia University’s Faculty of Science. Americas Puebla, who also noted that 8 years ago, with the holding of this event, UDLAP decided to give it a very important focus on supporting science.

In turn, Mr. said: Luis Enrique Lara Álvarez, General Director of Student Integration and UDLAP Alumni, congratulated the participants and told them that they were all winners because they “dared to implement, investigate and search for essential information to present proposals and, in the end, model breaks. Continue with this interest and desire to continue participating in such events.

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It is worth noting that the establishment of the UDLAP Science Award “Where is the science?” It is an effort of the University of the Americas Puebla to support young people who want to study a career in the scientific field, with a clear vision to encourage everything related to the development of the field of science and to generate research in all its fields of study; For this reason, the winners of this competition were awarded as a prize: for first place an academic scholarship worth 70% of the tuition fees to study a bachelor’s degree offered by the UDLAP Faculty of Science; Secondly, an academic scholarship of 60% of the tuition fees to study a bachelor’s degree offered by the UDLAP College of Science; The third place award is an academic scholarship of 50% of the tuition fees to study a bachelor’s degree offered by the Faculty of Science at the University of the Americas, Puebla.

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