The United States brings together the best three of its sports in the Cervantino Millenio Collection

Between pizza and popcorn ben franklin house, In Guanajuato it receives its visitors. Space is where United Statethe guest country in International Cervantino Festivaldisplays and carries out various activities during a period of what is also known as Soul Festival.

Until October 29, the house, located at Alameda 4, is displaying pieces related to three of its signature sports: baseball, boxing and football.

“Sports are part of the culture of the United States, it is something we hear, see, feel and talk about, and we wanted to share these sports that are very popular here in Mexico. Then you have the baseball department, where there is a great history between the United States and Mexico regarding this sport.” Millennium Silvio Gonzalez, Minister Counselor for Public Diplomacy at the U.S. Embassy.

In the studied room King of sports You can see the shirts of the teams that faced each other in the 2022 edition: Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies, The display interfaces are illuminated in blue and red, respectively.

Aspects of Benjamin Franklin's House | Ariel Ojeda

Aspects of Benjamin Franklin's House | Ariel Ojeda

Sports through art

Culture, art and sports are disciplines that converge, and this exhibition is an example of that. The first room (NFL) welcomes the audience with 10 balls in which the Mexican artist intervenes Cesar Menchaca, Who was born on October 24, 1967 and his posts and works are inspired by Wixárika (Huichol) culture.

In this regard, the official adds, “We can say that Mexico is the second largest community of fans, so we have this beautiful Huichol art, made by César Menchaca, the promoter of Huichol art all over the world, which represents the teams that are very present here in Mexico.”

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The rooms contain photographs, balls, videos, boxing champion belts, T-shirts and helmets from the World Series.the latter also intervened in Huichol art, but with the help of the Artesalida workshop.

As for boxing Silvio Gonzalez He pointed out that between the two countries, “80 percent of the champions came from Mexico and the United States.”

It is noted in the text of the room that “the boxing relationship between the United States and Mexico is of great importance, both because of the fights of Mexicans in that country, and because of the great rivalry when their representatives face each other.” There are displayed the official belts of the World Boxing Council, which have been won by world champions of all eras. Different.

Among the assembled athletes are names such as: Robert Stone hands Duran, Julio Cesar Chavez, Manny Pacquiao or Sugar Ray Leonard.

Aspects of Benjamin Franklin's House | Ariel Ojeda
Aspects of Benjamin Franklin's House | Ariel Ojeda

So as not to get lost

In addition, the Ben Franklin House will have other activities where science and technology will be present. “We have some entertainment, and we also have something about Star Wars, with an interactive booth; or you can see pictures of the landscape of the United States and more about the food of our country. Continuing the sports theme, parties will be held so that people can watch the World Series or the National Football League American.

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