The White House warns that US aid to Ukraine is about to run out

Washington – the White House He warned Monday that the United States only has the money needed for an additional aid package Ukraine This year due to the siege in the US Congress.

Commission spokesman John Kirby, who did not want to specify the amount, said: “We only have one aid package left” before funding for Ukraine “runs out.”

The US Congress has approved the disbursement of more than $110 billion since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, but Republicans are currently blocking a major aid package, demanding a strategy that defines the nearly two-year victory and a budget audit. Money and firstly the security of the United States borders in the face of the influx of migrants since President Joe Biden arrived at the White House in January 2021.

In order to approve the aid, they are demanding significant changes to US immigration policy, including a tightening of the border with Mexico. More than eight million encounters have been reported by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) since Biden took office. Republicans accuse him of promoting an open border policy that has created chaos on the border and is affecting major cities in the United States.

A few days before the parliamentary recess for Christmas celebrations, members of Congress approved the 2024 defense budget, which mobilizes $300 million for Kiev, a lower amount compared to the $61,000 million requested by the White House.

“Once we are sent, we will not have a mandate (…) and we will need Congress to act without delay,” Kirby said, stressing that delivering aid to Ukraine “benefits the national interests of the United States” and is necessary. Because “he can continue his fight for freedom.

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Kirby said President Joe Biden is willing to “reach a compromise.”



fountain: With information from AFP and editorial

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