Netflix is ​​increasing its prices on Basic and Premium plans

Netflix will increase subscription prices in France, the UK and the US. (Alexander Heinle/DPA)

After its income increased in the third quarter of the year 2023 Between the months of July and September, in addition to more than 9 million users new, Netflix It announced that it will increase the prices of its subscriptions at all currently available levels.

Despite tensions between studios and actors Hollywood Due to the recent strike on the application flow It officially announced this change during the presentation of its financial statements in a statement addressed to its shareholders Investors. “Just as we provide greater value to our customers, we sometimes ask them to pay a little more,” the company noted in the official document.

Although the change was announced to its investors, not all regions will be affected by this change, or at least not from the beginning. according to Netflix France and the United Kingdom will be the first to see an increase in prices. The same procedure will be applied to it United StateEven if only partially.

“In the United States, our plan is with Advertising ($6.99) and standard ($15.49) will remain, the company said. Meanwhile, plan necessary The cost will range from $10 to $12 per plan beloved It will rise from $20 to $23.

Netflix will increase subscription prices in France, the UK and the US. (Image: Pixabay)

Prices in United kingdom For Advertising, Basic, Standard and Premium plans, it will be priced at EGP 4.99, EGP 7.99, EGP 10.99 and EGP 17.99, while for France The prices have been set at €5.99, €10.99, €13.49 and €19.99. The justification given by the company is that the amount it currently charges for its services is competitive and even lower than that charged by other platforms. Moreover, “it’s a lot less than just one movie ticket.”

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Within the framework of its economic report. Netflix It indicated that it has taken action against shared passwords in all regions and territories in which it operates. “Reaction to the cancellation of the service is low and families who have provided some of it password And now they are active, paying members.

Regarding alternative forms of Shared accessLike the additional paid profiles, the app claims to have become an ongoing source of income.

The idea of ​​monitoring communications from IP addresses Different from those at home at one time, the method of monitoring accounts that shared the password turned out to be a suitable method for the company.

Disney+ will mimic Netflix’s strategy for controlling shared passwords on the platform. (Reuters/Dado Rovik)

On the other hand, Netflix indicated that the film adapted from the anime and manga “One piece“It has achieved global success and valued accessibility to users through long-running series such as”suit” And “Band of brothers“. These contents, which are added to the company’s catalog, are part of… Ted Sarandosthe company’s co-CEO, describes a “rich suite of software.”

Given Netflix’s success in controlling password sharing among users, Disney+ is gradually introducing a similar feature in other markets. As of November 2023, the platform has confirmed that it will no longer allow these actions.

Amendment to the agreement Subscription The platform specifically notes that users “will not be able to share their subscription outside of their home,” and that paid account sharing will also be limited to “the set of devices associated with a primary personal residence, to the extent used by people who reside there.”

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The amendment that was officially presented to the contracts concluded with subscribers at the end of last September indicates that the new account system will enter into force next September. 30 daysSo users have been given this period to adapt to it. for this day November 1 The restriction will be active. It is expected to gradually reach other regions such as Latin America.

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