The Vice President of Nicaragua assured us that we will never be slaves again

After finishing the event commemorating the 128th birthday of General Augusto C. Sandino the day before, Murillo noted that the Central American country continues to move forward inspired by the best of Nicaraguans.

In this sense, he alluded to the personality of the general of free men, who was able to fight and defeat the most powerful empire on earth, expelling it from the territory of Nicaragua in 1933.

“In Sandino there was no fear, hesitation or hesitation. There was determination, conviction and love,” the vice president of the republic stressed on a national radio and television station.

The Sandinista leader affirmed that Nicaraguan youth feel the love, vibrate around him and are ready with infinite conviction for the struggles that today’s victories create.

This means that by fighting poverty amidst as much complexity as the world, division, chaos, lack of peace, and discord, they will be able to overcome misery.

In his letter, Murillo referred to the failed coup attempt in 2018, when the coup leaders did everything they could to try to destroy the Sandinista revolution.

“We saw ourselves in the mirror of those terrible days… Terrible! Even more terrible, because people supposedly of religion betrayed their country.”

He stressed that Nicaragua is a people who win, and to win is to live in love, brotherhood, freedom and dignity in the heights.

This Thursday, Days of Tribute have taken place across the country, as Sandino followers lay offerings of flowers in front of monuments that commemorate the general of free men and promote his thought and action.

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The Sandinista youth ratified on July 19 a commitment to preserving the legacy of the Nicaraguan national hero.

Lais Marenco told the press that “Young Nicaraguans enjoy education, cooperatives, housing, roads into town, and claim the rights that good government gives to all.”

The young woman emphasized that they maintain the principle of the sovereignty of General Sandino to defend Nicaragua against any foreign interference.

In the municipality of Niquinohomo in the province of Masaya (South), the birthplace of the Nicaraguan patriot and revolutionary, the mayor of that region, Elvis Tapia, stated that Sandino is synonymous with peace, tranquility, progress and an example of dignity.


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