The Venezuelan Parliament is working to expand the penal code

Caracas, the National Assembly committee charged with drafting the new penal code for Venezuela is working today to expand it to include a fourth book referring to the special judicial powers.

Rep. Iris Varela explained that this legislation currently contains three books, the first in general provisions, the second defining crimes and penalties, and the third in misdemeanors.

He confirmed now that we propose the creation of Book Four of the Special Jurisdictions, as it deals with criminal matters.

He stressed, “We are discussing with a team of advisors and with the merged organizations, such as the Public Prosecution, the Office of the Ombudsman and the Supreme Court of Justice, who contribute ideas and support the drafting of the new legal instrument.” .

Varela stressed that the penal code should be organic, and thus the drafting and approval of this new legal instrument would contribute to the nation’s legal security.

After its inauguration last January, the Venezuelan parliament is working on a set of laws and legal procedures that allow the country to defend and preserve basic rights, as well as help anchor the economy and society.

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