The Valdecilla Library initiates a project to publish the history of …

the Marquesa de Pelayo Library in Valdecilla Hospital launched a new project dedicated to the dissemination of the history of health sciences in Cantabria, taking advantage of the celebration of Book Day 2023.

To do this, thanks to its information resources, it will present a major work monthly, with access to the full text through a simple digital resource, the government said in a press release.

According to the librarian, Mario CoralThese are the documents that were printed at the time and “which we are making available today to the public over the Internet, free and without charge, so that they may be better known”.

The initiative is called The role of healthIt can be consulted at

Corral explained that the documents were selected based on their relevance to the community at large, so the project has a “clear public mission.”

So much so that they were chosen A total of 12 documents which, for example, help explain the living conditions of the wet nurses or the origin of the X-ray service at the Valdecilla Health House, a pioneer in Spain, whose first head of service died in exile, he noted.

Also, The Role of Health will restore the inaugural address of the Free Medical School in 1936, the seed of the current University of Cantabria, the presentation of Enrique Diego Madrazo’s “Bulletin of Surgery” or the chapter devoted to physiotherapy. It was removed from the 1938 edition of Manuel Usandizaga’s Manual de Enfermeras.

There will also be an introduction to the study on bone tuberculosis in which the author, Gonzalez Aguilarfirst head of the Casa de Salud Valdecilla’s orthopedic service, explains that he wrote it from memory from the Argentine exile because he lost the manuscript while fleeing, or the pamphlet that announced the Casa de Salud Valdecilla’s first nursing school, among others, as many as twelve.

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Each of the twelve documents or works will be accompanied by their full reference and a brief explanation that will serve as a gateway. However, Corral said, the ultimate goal is “not to be prolific in interpretations”, but rather to be prolific “Let the business speak for itself”.

He added that this project is in no way intended to condition reading, which is why access to the full text is facilitated, so that there is hardly any mediation, other than what can be considered logical.

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