Carlos Jarach of Granada wins in the USA

Grenada Carlos JarachOne of the recent open water swimming stars, Astralpool Mallorca 2023, won on Friday the 10 km test, which is the Olympic distance, the open water of the prestigious US National Championships held in Sarasota (Florida – USA).

And he did it, too, with a thrill after 1 hour, 51 minutes, 5 seconds, and 65 one-hundredths of a swim by Xavi’s star pupil. CasadmontReported by the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation.

CN swimmer Choriana He won, beating American Brennan Gravley (University of Florida), a local figure, by just 13 percent, who, in turn, finished ahead of his brother Dylan.

“a lot CongratulationsCarlos! Congratulations to the National Foundation.

Also amazing at the same tournaments is another Spaniard, Maria de Valdes – no less than the current one. runner up of Europe for the 5K in Rome – who finished fifth with a time of 1 hour and 59.06.

American Katie won Grimesthe current runner-up in the 400-style world and 1500-style freestyle pool.

The competition returns on Sunday

As for the rest of the Spaniards, in the men’s ranking we find Guillem Pujol (1h.51.28:63) and Alejandro Puebla (1h.51.29:17) seventh and eighth, while room “Jockey” Alberto Martinez finished 19th with a time of 1:57:21:76.

And in the feminine in addition to the great top 5 Di Maria and Angela Martinez finished seventh with a 2.00.28 and Candela Sánchez 12th with a 2.03.03.

This Saturday there is a rest day until Sunday, which is the day when the competition will end in a dispute 5 kilometers.

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