The university’s SLP allegedly deceived medical students: they did not have verification to verify the validity of studies

Relatives and medical students protest against University of Botosina Since it is impossible to validate students’ studies, this is because they do not have Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE), a measure issued by the educational authority that is fundamental to the functioning and credibility of any university.

Those affected moved to state roads San Luis Potosi To demand compensation for the last four years spent on tuition fees, as well as to verify the authenticity of the students’ studies, as at no time were they informed that they did not have permission allowing them to authenticate the degree. Medicine.

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Meanwhile, the University of Potosina issued a statement announcing that it has been operating since 2021 after it was acquired by the company “Educación Universitaria San Luis Potosí, SC”, whose rector is Jesús Antonio Corral López. However, the company distanced itself from any relationship with the university.

Dozens of students were affected
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“We completely disclaim any responsibility for other institutions that use our name inappropriately or that claim a significant part of our university in homes or other facilities,” the statement read.

What is RVOE permission for undergraduate studies accreditation?

Official validity record of studies (RVOE(Granted by the General Directorate of Accreditation and Evaluation (DGAIR) of the Ministry of Public Education)September), as well as the Secretary of State Government Education (SEGE).

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Based on information from Secretary of Public EducationStudents who complete a degree without an RVOE will not be able to obtain a professional degree or license, as is the case with a medical degree. They also lack the equivalence of studies that would allow them to continue studying in different institutions.


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