R. UNIDO: Two more polls confirm expectations of defeat for the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom

Madrid, June 15 (European Press) –

Two new opinion polls published on Saturday confirmed expectations of defeat for the ruling British Conservative Party in the elections scheduled for next July 4, after a study expected on Thursday that the far-right Reform Party led by Nigel Farage would prevail over the Conservatives.

Savanta’s study for the Sunday Telegraph newspaper shows that the Conservatives obtained only 72 seats and 21 percent of the vote, the lowest support since 2019. In contrast, Farage’s party rose three points to 13 percent.

A second study conducted by the Survation for Best for Britain poll center and published by The Times newspaper also gives 72 seats to the Conservatives, while the favorite Labor Party will obtain 456 seats, a difference of 262 seats, which is even greater than what the Labor Party achieved. In the 1997 election, Tony Blair received 46% support for Labor leader Keir Starmer, two points more than in the previous study.

The Liberal Democratic Party will get 56 seats, the Reform Party will get seven seats, and the Greens will get one seat. The study is based on 2,045 interviews conducted between June 12 and 14.

“Conservative candidates are dashing in poll after poll, and we’re only halfway through the campaign,” said Chris Hopkins, Savanta’s research director. He warned that “there is a feeling that things could get worse for the Conservatives.”

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