The United States reopened the border in Texas after the evacuation of Haitian immigrants – Prinsa Latina

Mexican sources confirmed that the US Customs and Border Protection reopened the bridge and was already operational on Sunday after being closed since September 17 due to the immigration emergency.

Vehicles already cross from both banks of the Rio Grande, both for passengers and for individuals, and during this day freight units will also do this.

However, before giving the order to reopen, the border guards searched several kilometers of the forest on both sides of the long bridge in search of hiding migrants, but apparently they did not find anyone.

The United States established an air bridge to Haiti and other countries and it took more than 48 hours about 2,000 Haitians in 17 flights, but most of them accepted Mexico’s offer to return to shelters on the border with Guatemala where they had better chances and could be. Protected from entering winter.

Unofficial sources indicate that Haitians have also dispersed throughout northern Mexico as not all have returned to the south, and they estimate there are about two thousand people in Monterrey.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry told the United Nations General Assembly that migrants will continue to try to reach more prosperous nations despite the disturbing images of Haitians being detained upon their arrival in the United States.


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