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Not sure what to play this weekend and want to try something new? Don’t worry, because we have a recommendation for you to find out a totally exotic title. This is as part of a promotion that will be available for a few days.

The Petriheart studio wants more players to know about their work, so they’re distributing copies Banana Hell, a title that will test your skills with a rather complex challenge.

We recommend that you continue reading if you haven’t heard of Banana HellWell, we will tell you what it is about and how to add it for free to your collection of PC games.

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What is that Banana Hell How do you get it for free?

In case you don’t know Banana Hell It is a game with platform elements where you will have to jump through complex levels full of obstacles to collect mysterious crystals. However, the task will not be easy, since everything is designed to be a nuisance to players.

According to Petriheart, his title requires “full control and mastery of jumping techniques”, otherwise you may encounter very complex moments that will undoubtedly frustrate more than one player.

The concept of the game is simple, but the studio ensures that the gameplay will be very difficult to master. On the other hand, players will enjoy Bananaman, the strange protagonist, and his funny comments.

If you accept the challenge, keep in mind that you can get a free copy of Banana Hell from Steam. just visit Your page on the Valve platform And add it to your collection before September 27, which is the day the promotion will end. Below I leave you a trailer so you know the title better:

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“This is a hard game. I mean… very difficult. A rage game, some might say. And it relates to me, Banana… and he is also a man, at the same time I want to say… sorry is this too confusing?” says the title description.

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