The United States dominates Spain and forces the Water Warriors to fight for the bronze medal

The United States dominates Spain and forces the Water Warriors to fight for the bronze medalEvie

the Spanish women's national team Water poloThis Wednesday cannot be won against the United States in Doha World Championship semi-final, in a match that ended up being very easy for the Americans. This was the first time that the Spanish national team and the American national team had met in the semi-finals of a major tournament, and so far they have met in the quarter-finals and the final, with the result almost always negative for the national team.

The first play, after the Spaniards took the 'sprint', ended with the ball being passed wide. Simple progress for Poor shooting Which Miki Oka's team accused in this match. Out of eight goal options, they scored only one goal, compared to three for the opponents in the first quarter. Open the scoreboard Madeleine MusselmanIn the first attack, play with an additional woman. Then, Jenna Flynn Record the second and Ryan NewsChoul the third. The Spanish were facing partial disaster when Elena Ruiz He took advantage of Noushul's expulsion and scored the first for Spain (3-1).

Oxygen for the Spanish

Exclude Paula Crespi The fifth superiority gave the United States that Ryan NewsChoul He took advantage of the opportunity to score the fourth goal. The two's lead was short-lived when a shot went wide seconds later Isabel Peralkova He entered the goal and scored 4-3 into the top corner, bringing oxygen back to the “Warriors”. Shortly after tying it up Nona Perez The second quarter, which began with successful and quick play for the Americans.

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He was Jenna Flynn Which appeared after the second exclusion of Nona Perez To score the team's fifth goal and restore the lead in the “catch and shoot” game to just one second after ending possession on an extra play for the women. The Spanish were not very successful in defence, and wasted the opportunity to make a stop Marina Tare In a snapshot Rachel Fattal A few seconds before the end of the quarter. It was the USA's eighth advantage that did the most damage and allowed them to score the third goal Jenna Flynn. The player's complete performance (3 from 3), which ended with him being named the man of the match, restored the advantage (6-4) to the United States. Despite the result, the partial draw (3-3) at the end of the second quarter restored some hope to the Spanish national team.

Lack of success

In the first half of the match, it was the lack of success that caused the Spaniards to fail to catch up with their opponent, who scored six out of 11 attempts compared to four out of 14 for the Spaniards. In the third quarter, despite controlling the “race” again and achieving superiority from the beginning, He did not change his goal And Ashley Johnson She is currently considered the best goalkeeper in the world, and she did not leave any hole in her goal.

The effectiveness of the American defense allowed Adam Krikorian He scored the seventh with a shot on goal Rachel Fattal And the eighth of Romer gem Leaving a partial 4-0 for the Americans. Despite the negative outlook… Elena Ruiz I was able to break the opponents' line with a shot similar to the previous one and scored the fifth goal with a rebound shot. The Spaniard regained his confidence and was quick to take advantage of Rani's exclusion to grab the ball Mika Garcia To score sixth (8-6). But Tarry's flawless save soon after was of little use, when the Americans managed to score a ninth goal (Roemer) and distance themselves from the Spaniards once again.

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Three down

Despite the great match Johnsonwhich by then had already added nine stations, Peralkova He managed to score Spain's seventh goal in a superior play that left the score at 10-7 after the goal Tara Prentice. The Spanish national team started the last quarter trailing by three goals.

A strong start from the absence Judith Forka He looked like he would get the Spaniards back into the game. Many people sang it, but it did not enter the goal. It hit the net and made the team feel uncomfortable. It costs little to mussels Extend the distance (11-7) they traveled shortly after Paula Crespi (11-8) And finally Peralkova (11-9) in a match after the referees reviewed VAR to ensure that the Americans were still within the allowed time.

Hopes of qualifying for the final and in the struggle for gold, to defend the World Cup title, which the Spaniards won in Fukuoka (Japan) in a match with poor aim and weak defense against a ruthless and unforgiving American team, were dashed. We'll soon find out whether Hungary or Greece will be rivals for the United States at the World Cup in Doha and who will compete for the bronze medal with Spain on Friday.

data sheet

11- United States:Johnson; Musselman (2), Prentice (1), Fattal (1), Flynn (3), Stevens (-), Raney (-), Nicholl (2), Romer (2), Gilchrist (-), Sekulic and Mamolito ( -).

9- Spain: ter; Ana Espar (-), Pia Ortiz (-), Nonna Perez (1), Paula Crespi (1), Elena Ruiz (3), Billy Peña (1), Judith Forca (-), Paula Camus (-), Maika Garcia (-), Paula Leyton (-) and Isabel Piralkova (3)

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the reviewer: Zwart (NED) and Severo (ITA). No removals.

Partials: 3-1, 3-3, 4-3 and 1-2.

YoAccidents: The first semi-final of the women's water polo tournament was held at the Aspire Dome in Doha.

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