Palworld players want to add this cool feature to the game

Juan Ignacio Buscato

Aside from the chaos and carnage in Palworld, players have been asking the developers to add this amazing feature to the game.

Palworld is sometimes referred to as “Pokémon with Guns” because of all the chaotic things that can happen. But the game also has an amazing feature that allows players to flirt with their friends.

Some players enjoy seeing their friends' faces light up when they pet them, even the clinical-sounding ones like Fuack and Depresso.

It seems that the idea of ​​being able to show affection towards your friend has inspired Palworld players to suggest adding a cool feature.

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Palworld players ask teammates to come over and ask for a cuddle

Please allow sad friends to come and ask for caresses.One user suggested In a Reddit thread. The player mentioned that it would be great if teammates would get closer to players to attract attention as if they were real pets.

But there is a catch. Players should also be able to adjust settings to determine which settings can come up, giving players “Beautiful sight“When he returns to his base.

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Many players support this idea in the comments. “I liked this idea. That would create a more positive relationship rather than “Oh, he's sick… where's my butcher knife?”, one user wrote.

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Another user said: “Yes, it would be nice to be able to pet them and make them feel better. Especially depressed colleaguesIn response to this comment, another user suggested that it would be great if petting could cure most diseases.

Meanwhile, another user claimed that this would be a good idea and suggested a friendship or loyalty-based feature where friends get a bonus that slows the rate of their health deterioration the longer they travel with you.

There is also another answer that says they would like to be able to give stuffed animals to their friends and play with them. While these are suggestions for now, who knows if any nice features will be added to Palworld as the creators plan to add more content as per the roadmap.

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