The United States can delay the trial on compassionate parole by a month

At the request of the American Democratic Party (USA), the trial on parole on humanitarian grounds can be postponed for 30 days.

Over the past several months, the many Cubans, Venezuelans, Haitians, and Nicaraguans trying to establish themselves in the United States have been filled with great uncertainty. This, as a result of a lawsuit filed by 21 attorney generals to deny a benefit offered by President Joe Biden at the start of the year.

First of all, let’s remember that since last January, the President of North America has authorized new paroles that favor immigrants with these nationalities. In this way, through the number of the financial sponsor, they are granted permission to reside in the country, subject to the application of certain conditions.

However, it seems that this initiative did not impress many in the country, especially the leaders of the Republican Party. In this regard, 21 Republican governors promoted a lawsuit to deny humane parole in the United States, which will be tried on June 13.

However, after a new proposal from the Biden administration, they may be able to delay said trial until July. As they explain, June is very close and time is still required to gather sufficient evidence to support the defence.

The US presidency is therefore expected to postpone the trial seeking to overturn the new humane parole for another 30 days. Although this seems like a simple measure, it is undoubtedly a positive point that will favor more immigrants, especially Cubans.

What advantages does a trial postponement of parole on humanitarian grounds bring in the United States?

As mentioned, delaying a parole trial on humanitarian grounds in the United States seems like a simple strategy confined to the legal process. However, it is also a measure that could benefit many foreigners even if the humanitarian program is canceled after the trial.

Conditional release of Cubans

In the first place, it is necessary to stress that this lawsuit seeks to suspend the humanitarian programme; But previously granted parole cannot be revoked. In this way, all petitions that have been approved and processed before trial are valid, and enable the enjoyment of benefits.

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So, by postponing the trial, more foreigners have an extra month to get approval for compassionate parole, and thus enter the United States. Let’s remember that while the trial is in progress, the reception and processing of applications will be paralyzed from June.

Undoubtedly, if the trial is postponed, many Cubans will benefit greatly. This is, above all, given that since the implementation of this measure in January 2023 they have the possibility of entering the United States in a safer way.

Indeed, official figures reveal that since the United States implemented humanitarian parole, entry of Cubans by land has dropped dramatically.

As of March 2023, 14,000 West Indians have entered the United States through the programme. Meanwhile, only 1,315 Cubans entered illegally through the land border, exposing themselves to the hardships they thus experience.

Finally, the judge assigned to the case has not yet issued a ruling determining whether or not the trial on compassionate parole has been postponed.

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Conditional release of Cubans

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