The United Nations says inaction on climate change brings us closer to the abyss

UNITED NATIONS, March 23 (Prensa Latina) UN Secretary-General António Guterres stressed today that every year that passes without appropriate action to reduce global warming below 1.5 degrees “brings us closer to the brink.”

Without concrete action, he said, systemic risks increase and our resilience to climate disasters decreases.

In his message for World Meteorological Day, celebrated on March 23, Guterres called for 2023 to be “a year of transformation, not reform.”

He commented that the theme chosen this year for the event, the future of weather, climate and water across generations, obliges everyone to fulfill their responsibilities to ensure that future generations inherit a better future.

To achieve this, he called for a radical transformation of energy and transportation systems, ending dependence on fossil fuels, and embracing a just transition to renewable energy.

Guterres referred to the commitment to ensuring that early warning systems for climate disasters cover all people in the world, an initiative promoted during World Meteorological Day 2022 and approved at COP27 that has the support of rich and developing countries, UN agencies and the private sector.

The Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, Petteri Taalas, emphasized that weather, climate and water know no national or political boundaries, and that the need for international cooperation has guided the agency’s work since 1873 and will continue to do so in the future.

Among the expectations, Taalas put on the table the realization of a world more resistant to extreme meteorology, climatic and hydrological phenomena and other environmental events, as well as the creation of a global greenhouse gas monitoring infrastructure to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement. .

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