Amazon traded in its boxes for Mario Bros.

film Super Mario Bros. Opens in a few weeks and to promote it, Amazon I turned all of his delivery boxes into “?” Distinctive yellow. before release Pokémon: Detective PikachuEveryone was convinced it was going to be the hit of the moment, but in the end it was something very mediocre that didn’t make a lasting impact on anything.

Despite that predecessor, the movie is doomed Super Mario Bros. It’s uncertain, but the hype at the moment is through the roof. The movie will be released on April 5 and to promote it, all delivery boxes Amazon In some countries, they will become those yellow cubes with a question mark that have appeared in almost all video games. Super Mario.

This sounds like an expensive promotion to get. Amazon I did, because we don’t remember something similar happened before, at the moment more and more pictures of squares appear on Twitter and they even make you want to ask something.

Many of the pictures come from the UK, although there is no guarantee that you will receive one of these boxes either. Of course there’s a good chance these boxes will become collectible, although that might mean saving them until they’re rare enough for someone to consider paying for them, but we know what people are like.

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Despite initial skepticism, it’s almost all about a movie Super Mario Bros. So far, it’s been a positive, as some of the trailers seem to stick closely to the games. There is even a redesign of Donkey Kong Which takes it away from the ’90s Rare remake and back to what it looked like in the original ’80s games.

The only problem fans had was the voiceover, and not just with Chris Pratt And his non-Italian accent, but also the fact that other stars, especially Seth Rogen like Donkey KongThey seem to be using their normal voices.

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