The United Nations overwhelmingly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine; Cuba abstains from voting (video)

The United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday overwhelmingly adopted a resolution “demanding” Russia’s “immediate” withdrawal from Ukraine, in a strong rebuke to Moscow’s invasion.

The world organization responsible for peace and security, after more than two days of extraordinary debate – by 141 votes out of 193 member states – agreed to approve the non-binding resolution.

The proposal received five votes against: the votes of Russia, Belarus, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea, 35 countries that chose to abstain (including China, Cuba, India and South Africa), and 12 countries that decided not to participate in the vote. Including Venezuela, Morocco and Ethiopia).

The text was supported by more than 90 countries and strongly condemns Russia’s “aggression” against Ukraine and demands Immediate suspension of the use of force by Moscow and the The immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of all Russian soldiers from the internationally recognized Ukrainian territory.

The resolution calls on Russia to retract the declaration of independence of two separate regions in eastern Ukraine.

For António Guterres, Secretary-General of the Assembly, the message of the vote is loud and clear: “Stop hostilities in Ukraine now. Silence the weapons now. Open the door to dialogue and diplomacy now. Territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine must be respected in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. There is no time to lose. Brutal effects clear conflict.”

“Today’s decision reflects a basic fact. The world wants to end the immense human suffering in Ukraine,” he said.

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