The United Nations is calling for a “legally binding ban” on nuclear testing

he Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterresand has called for a “legally binding ban” on Nuclear testsWhich he described as “an essential step in the search for A Free world for nuclear weapons.

In his speech on the occasion World Day Against Nuclear Testing“Since 1945, more than 2,000 nuclear tests have caused a nuclear catastrophe,” Guterres said. Terrible suffering for the peopleThey have poisoned the air and destroyed landscapes all over the world,” he said, before stressing that “the world is speaking with one voice to end this matter.” The devastating legacy“.

“This year we face an alarming rise in global mistrust and division 13,000 nuclear weapons They are stored all over the world, and countries are working to improve their accuracy, range, and destructive power. This is a recipe for annihilation.“.

In this sense, he emphasized that Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty“Although it has not yet been implemented, it remains a powerful example of humanity’s will to eradicate the shadow of annihilation from the world, once and for all.”

On behalf of everyone victims With regard to nuclear testing, I call on all countries that have not yet ratified the Treaty to do so immediately, without conditions. “Let’s put an end to nuclear testing once and for all,” Guterres added.

Treaty you’re thinking of Nuclear test ban – For both civilian and military purposes – It was adopted in September 1996 by the UN Security Council United Nations General AssemblyAlthough it has not entered into force. China, Egypt, Iran, Israel, and the United States signed it but did not ratify it, while India, North Korea, and Pakistan did not sign it.

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