The United Nations confirms progress in withdrawing its forces from Mali

The operation included the departure of part of the Ivorian military contingent, as well as UN agents and a formed police unit from Bangladesh, according to a press release issued here.

These peacekeepers have helped protect the local population from regular IED attacks in an area with high levels of insecurity and extremist presence, particularly in the Goundam-Timbuktu axis.

The text states that the procedure has been carried out with the Malian civil authority assigned to formally return the site to the transitional government of that country.

The memorandum also underscores that the successful withdrawal of the Mission is a priority for the entire United Nations system.

Since July this year, the United Nations has been implementing a plan to reduce its staff with safe withdrawals approved by the Security Council.

The timetable states that the authority’s forces must leave Malian territory before the end of the year, in close consultation with the transitional government and in coordination with countries contributing troops and police.

The United Nations Mission continues to have a presence in 13 locations as the drawdown process progresses.

On 4 August, the Ogosago temporary base closed and Camp Bear did so on the 13th.

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