The United Kingdom will supply Ukraine with 100 armored vehicles

London, January 16 (Sputnik): British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that the United Kingdom will deliver 100 armored vehicles, including Bulldog personnel carriers, to Ukraine.

He announced that “another 100 armored vehicles will be sent (to Ukraine), including bulldogs.”

According to Wallace, the new aid package includes another 100,000 artillery shells, more than 100 advanced missiles, medium-range air defense missiles, eight AS-90 self-propelled guns, a squad of Callenger 2 tanks and spare parts to recover up to hundreds. . of armored vehicles.

He added that minefield clearance equipment worth £20m would also be sent to Kyiv, as well as dozens of drones to reinforce the artillery.

Many countries condemned the Russian military operation and supported Kyiv with arms supplies, donations, humanitarian aid, and sanctions against Moscow.

Russia has sent protest notes to all countries that supply arms to Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned that any arms shipment to Kyiv will become a legitimate target for Russia’s armed forces.

In turn, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, commented that attempts to saturate Ukraine with weapons do not favor the progress of negotiations and will have a negative impact on the situation. (Sputnik)

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