The United Kingdom records the largest outbreak of bird flu in history

the United kingdom Suffers from the largest number of cases Bird flu in birds in its history, as reported on December 9, 2021 by the country’s veterinary authorities.

forty farmer affected by this virus In the UK -33 of them in England– , so it is applied new measures to prevent infection Christine Middlemis, the British government’s director of veterinary medicine, told the BBC.

There were nearly 500,000 birds slaughtered And all who are in capturing should stay in Close distances To prevent infection by those who migrate from Western Europe to the UK.

The government reported to bird keepers That they must disinfect their uniforms, work materials and vehicles, as well as restrict access to non-essential workers and visitors.

“We can’t wait another year, and we have more infections, so we will be working not only with our scientists, but also internationally, to understand what we can do to discover the cause of this infection,” he said. Middlemess.

the risk From Contagion in a Humans Because the disease is low as well as through food, as confirmed by the UK Public Health Council.

Fifteen birds died last month in a park in a British city Blackpool because of the outbreak This is virusAccording to Conservative Representative Scott Benton. To avoid human-to-human transmission, the lake has been cordoned off and the authorities have asked people to stay away from the area.

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