Slight decrease in Covid-19 cases in Vietnam

Except on Tuesday 7, the country reported more than 14,500 infected people over the course of the week and yesterday’s figure was 16,141, the highest number since the pandemic began nearly two years ago.

The outbreak that occurred at the end of April caused the number of infected people in the country of Indochina, where 99.76 percent have been detected since then.

This Sunday, as on previous dates, the southern city of Ho Chi Minh, the epicenter of the current fourth wave and the most populous in Vietnam, recorded the largest number of infected people with 1,216.

The epidemiological situation remains equally worrying in this capital, which has reported the highest number of cases at 980.

Today the Ministry of Health also reported 228 deaths, bringing the cumulative number to 27,839 (795 times more than it was before the April outbreak).

At the end of October, with the aim of reviving the economy, the government chose a flexible adaptation to the epidemic and left only the most stringent containment measures, which explains the increase in infections.

Vietnam sets its hopes for herd immunity through a vaccination campaign advancing at a rate of half a million people a day, but out of a population of 98 million, just over 57 million have received two vaccines.


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