The United Kingdom is strengthening its aid to Ukraine in the face of the paralysis suffered by the United States

The British government yesterday strengthened its commitment to Ukraine by deploying a £2.5 billion (€2.9 billion) military aid package over the next two years. This announcement coincided with the visit of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to Kiev, who signed with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a new security agreement protecting cooperation in the military and intelligence fields until the end of the year. The country's accession to NATO. “The UK will not be shaken,” Sunak said. “We will stand with Ukraine in its darkest hours and in the better times ahead.”

The security cooperation agreement guarantees the UK’s support in intelligence sharing, cybersecurity, medical and military training and defense industrial cooperation. These are commitments that emerged from the NATO summit held last July, in which thirty countries expressed their willingness to formalize military support for Ukraine. “I am proud to sign this agreement, which will form the core of cooperation between our two countries for the next 100 years or more,” Sunak said.

Drone production

The disbursement of 2.5 billion pounds for the next two years represents an increase of 200 million compared to the previous two years. The money Ukraine will allocate for the purchase of air defense systems, long-range missiles and artillery shells, as well as the production of drones.

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