The United Kingdom is investigating a different type of coronavirus with three mutations

In the United Kingdom, a new type of coronavirus is being studied with three mutations That according to what is known, It has already spread considerably in the Yorkshire and Humber area. So far, only 49 cases have been detected Of those infected with this strain, so the message to the population is “Stay tuned.”

According to Public Health England (PHE), the British Health Authority, There is no evidence to suggest that it is more transmissible than the other variants or that it makes the course of the disease more severe Or make vaccines less effective.

There is no cause for concern and constant investigation

From the government Residents were asked not to fear or worry more Until the investigation is complete as there are no red flags for the variant.

The only thing they took was that It is a “strange set of mutations”, classified as a variable under investigationSo now is the time for more testing and traceability until you have enough data on the breed for a full evaluation.

Epidemiological situation: Indian alternative concerns

Although the epidemic is under control in the United Kingdom, with a fairly advanced vaccination that has been widely exceeded of the 37 million people vaccinated with a single dose, they should not be trusted by the development of the infection. Last Friday, 2,829 new cases and nine more deaths were reported, while on Thursday, the highest numbers for the month were reached.

There is concern about the Indian variant, which is causing the number of infected people to increase dramatically and the rapid growth of groups affected by it. It will be more transferable than the Kent variable.

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Reality, Since Saturday, coronavirus tests have been ramped up at several points located in London due to the detection of the recoil, Specifically in the Harrow, Ealing, Hillingdon and Brent neighborhoods, where more of the B1617.2 variant has been identified, or in other areas of the country such as Blackburn, Bolton, Bedford, Leicester and Kirklees.

Since then local authorities have been trying to figure out transmission routes Within a week, more than 2,000 cases of this surge rose in the country. Germany has already classified the UK as a “boom area” The country is included in its list of risk areas.

The intention of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to reopen the economy in England for the summer, was with June 21 is the deadline for all restrictions to be lifted.

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