New strike for ambulance drivers in the UK

Ambulance drivers in the United Kingdom are carrying out a new strike on Monday to demand higher wages to offset soaring inflation in the country, as social conflicts continue to breed.

This is the third protest in the past five weeks by ambulance drivers, who are part of Britain’s Public Health System (NHS).

Nurses had already been on strike for two days last week, after an unprecedented first mobilization in December.

Social anger is spreading across many sectors in the UK, with inflation running at 10.5%, according to the latest data. Health, which has been hit by chronic underfunding and understaffing, is among the hardest hit.

Another day of protests has already been set for February 6, at the same time that the government remains steadfast in its desire to approve a bill of criticism over minimal services in various sectors, such as health or transport.

The Minister of Health, Steve Barclay, considered the mobilization on Monday “extremely disappointing”, and justified the measures that have been strengthened to ensure the safety of patients, in a statement issued on Sunday evening.

Sharon Graham, general secretary of the Unite union, replied: “There hasn’t been the slightest suggestion in the last five weeks.”

Trade union organizations are calling on Conservative British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to take over the negotiations, saying that Minister Barclay does not have the “authority” to reach an agreement.

And although the head of health spoke of “constructive discussions” with the unions, they warned against continuing strikes until the executive authority listens to their proposals.

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