The United Kingdom and Ireland host the Euro 2028 football championship – DW – 10/10/2023

The European Football Association (UEFA) announced today, Tuesday (10/10/2023), that the United Kingdom and Ireland will host the 2028 European Cup, while Italy and Turkey will be the organizers of the 2032 edition.

With the joint bid between Italy and Turkey accepted last week to host Euro 2032, and with Turkey withdrawing from the race for Euro 2028, the venues for both tournaments have already been decided by European football’s governing body.

However, both bids still need final approval from UEFA’s executive committee, which met on Tuesday.

Debbie Hewitt, president of the FA, said: “There is nothing formal until the last minute.” “We don’t take anything for granted.”

Euro 2028 will be the largest sporting event ever jointly organized by the UK and Ireland.

On the other hand, former Welsh international Gareth Bale, who retired from football last January, confirmed that the tournament would strengthen sports in Wales.

“I think it’s especially important for Wales to stay on the map, keep moving forward, keep trying and improving ourselves,” he said.

The headquarters that will succeed Germany 2024 It was announced in a short ceremony by EU President Aleksander Ceferin.

The elections confirm the trend adopted by major sporting competitions, with joint organization by several countries to make these projects viable.


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