The United Kingdom and Ireland confirm their interest in hosting Euro 2028

London, March 23 (EFE). England, Northern Ireland and Scotland have confirmed their interest in co-hosting the 2028 European Championship.

The associations of these countries have submitted to UEFA an “expression of interest” (EOI), which follows a feasibility study, to analyze the resources available to host the tournament and the benefits that the participating countries will have.

“We believe Euro 2028 will be one of the largest sporting events hosted by the United Kingdom and Ireland. This unprecedented five-confederation offers something special to European football, including the possibility of expanding the tournament,” the five associations said in a statement. joint statement.

“Over the coming months, we will further develop our proposals, subject to UEFA publishing the technical specifications for hosting the tournament. This includes starting discussions to see which cities and stadiums best fit the tournament model.”

With this candidacy, England is also withdrawing its interest in hosting the 2030 World Cup, another possibility taken up by the Football Association. The UK and Ireland bid is the only one on the UEFA table at the moment. England comes from hosting eight matches in the last Eurocopa 2020, including the semi-finals and final, which was an organizational disaster, with 90 being held and several brawls across the city of London.

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