The United Kingdom agreed to extend the provisional application of the post-Brexit agreement – Noticias en la Mira with Lourdes Mendoza

Brussels, Belgium. – Government United kingdom The extension of the provisional application period of the Post-European Union Agreement Until the end of April, to allow time to ratify the treaty in European ParliamentBritish government sources announced on Tuesday.

Today [martes] We have agreed to extend the deadline for ratification by the European Union until April 30thA British spokesman said.

This agreement defines the business relationship between The United Kingdom and the European Union after Brexit It was approved by the parties at the end of 2020, although it was necessary to adopt a temporary application period so that it was European Parliament It can be certified.

The proposal to extend the term of application of the agreement on a temporary basis was made in a previously signed letter Marus CivkovicVice President of the European Commission.

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In response, the influential British cabinet minister said, Michael Gove, Replied that the UK agreed to the proposal.

However, Goff noted that the British government’s expectation is for the European Parliament to ratify the agreement in that new period and “Therefore, it will not receive new orders to extend that period beyond April 30He indicated in his letter the reply.

Application of the agreement on a temporary basis that generatesUncertainty in individuals and companies“.

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