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The ability to create a WhatsApp chat to send messages to yourself is not a function of the app itself, but it is possible to do so. | Photo: WhatsApp.

Can you imagine sending messages to yourself?Strangely enough, it is possible. Therefore, in We tell you How to create and conduct a WhatsApp chat with yourself.

By having a file Chat to text yourself Can be useful for memorizing written notes, creating audio clips, and ‘sending’ pictures, videos, documents, websites, and more, even for others’ auditing The functions that WhatsApp provides, Such as deactivating the double blue check.

How to send messages to yourself on WhatsApp?

Method 1: Be your own contact

Form of Talk to yourselfIt consists of saving your phone number as one of your contacts. Follow this step-by-step to achieve this:

  1. Save your phone number In your mobile device’s contact list
  2. sign in to The WhatsApp And sync your contacts By clicking on the green message icon at the bottom of the screen, open the “Three dots menu” and select “Update”
  3. Find and choose your contact To start a conversation
  4. Deft! Now you can chat with yourself
Photo: Ono TV.

Method 2: Create your own group

Another form of power Send messages to yourself Uses the “create group” functionality in the application. So you can get it:

  1. sign in What’s Up
  2. With one click In the “three-point list”
  3. Choose “New Group”
  4. Choose Only one of your contacts is required to fulfill the application requirements to create a group.
  5. Writing Your group name and accept
  6. A group will be created between you and the other person, Which you can delete until you are the only member of that chat.
Photo: Ono TV.

Although it is not a function available in the app as part of its tools, these are some of the There are ways for you to create a conversation in which you can send messages to yourself.

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