The UNESCO Institute for Statistics signed an agreement with the “Manuel Fajardo” University of Cuban Physical Culture and Sports Sciences

On Wednesday, Rector Silvano Merced Len and Director of International Relations, Yospani Velazquez Reinaldo, of the Manuel Fajardo University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences in Havana, Cuba, met with Rector Hernán Porras Diaz and Carlos Enrique Vecino, Director of the Office of External Relations at the UNESCO Institute for Statistics In order to identify the successful experience of the university in terms of infrastructure.

During the meeting, representatives of the Manuel Fajardo University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences socialized with UIS officials on relevant aspects and highlighting within the agreement, strengthened institutional ties and forged potential alliances for student mobility operations and in the future, joint projects.

“Receiving them is an important experience that enriches us and makes us proud, given that this university is globally recognized in the field of sport. Signing this agreement and seeing it come true shows us that hard work is paying off. We started this project before the pandemic, and despite Although it has had its ups and downs, we continue to move forward thus allowing both teachers and students here and there to get better training and share knowledge,” Arenas, Director of the External Relations Office at UIS.

During the visit, the principals toured the infrastructure of TUI, and what the officials highlighted the most was the Student Welfare Building, which they emphasized the management that it has done and is still doing in the university to achieve flawless implementation of support programs for students in medicine, nutrition and sports.

“This agreement includes important things in terms of master’s and doctoral degrees, especially in the future, because the idea is that this can eventually be applied at the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, just as the possibility of a double degree is being considered, which means that there are programs in it that enrich the skills of workers In both institutions commented Silvano Merced Lin, President of the University of Physical Culture and Sports Science “Manuel Fajardo” from Havana, Cuba.

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This university is internationally recognized as the “Cuban Mathematical University”; Nearly 90% of the country’s Olympic champions have graduated from their classrooms.

Its name is dedicated to the memory of captain Manuel (Betty) Fajardo Rivero, who in his life was an outstanding athlete practicing volleyball.

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