National tennis player Barbara Gatica has been suspended from Wimbledon for retracting

The best-ranked national tennis player in Women’s tennis players, Barbara Gatica She was going to play in the qualifiers Wimbledon In the UK, however, they have been left out for giving Positive in a doping testwhich has been temporarily suspended from tennis activity.

Jatika, number 221 in the world, registered for dunking after consumed Boldroni A substance banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and used by athletes to gain muscle mass.

The 25-year-old athlete, from Puente Alto, told Professional Media Seventh game : “I have never intentionally used any banned substance and take my responsibilities as a professional athlete very seriously. As such, I will never jeopardize my career and my reputation.“.

“I investigated everything I consumed in the days leading up to sample collection and hired lawyers and a biochemist to help me with this. To prove my innocence and get back to the courts as quickly as possible,” said the athlete, whose last participation in the ATP250 From Bogota, Colombia.

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