The UK’s youngest billionaire does not have a fixed home منزل

Johnny Povarat is the CEO and founder of HoppenOnline conference hosting platform. it’s about A $5.6 billion company (more than 4600 million euros) it It employs 500 people and has no headquarters.

according to Rich Newspaper List Sunday timesAnd the Poofratt is the youngest billionaire in the UK. But one of the things that stands out the most is that Does not own a permanent home or operates out of a permanent office: “Being a company allows us to be quite far Doing things other companies have not been able to do before.”, details from Barcelona where to live for rent.

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Be a digital nomad It allows you to move from one property to another, In addition to running your business wherever you are: “Ten years ago I couldn’t do that because The software wasn’t good enough, sending emails back and forth wasn’t enough.”

Cause the epidemic and the closure Hoppen provided an alternative to face-to-face conferencing by being able to develop it online through the app. As a result, it hosted more than 80,000 events since 2020, working with organizations and companies such as the United Nations, NATO, Slack and Unilever.

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at present, Boufarhat does not intend to change the current remote work model. And when it comes to talking about the practicalities of working physically apart, Hoppen makes use of Group software: Microsoft Teams, Slack, Loom, Figma and Notion are among the software used.

after confinement The young man thinks that there will be a desire to hold social gatherings in person, but for work it will not be superfluous with the existing tools: “In addition to remote work It has allowed us to recruit a global talent pool, which is essential when you are growing so fast.”

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