The UK will use the military to prevent entry to migrants

the British government will resort to army To face migration crisisAs indicated in a document signed by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. The army will be responsible for confronting ships that cross English channel.

From Ministry of Defense They state that the number of people continuing to cross the Channel is “unacceptable” and that “the tragic deaths last November are a stark reminder of the need to stop”. Referring to the sinking of a boat that ended a life 27 out of 30 people who were on the plane last November 24.

the the work He criticized the government’s decision and accused Boris Johnson of diverting attention On the chaos caused by the illegal parties organized by Downing Street during the pandemic. Several human rights organizations have described the decision United kingdom “Cruel and inhuman.”

Boris Johnson accused of distraction

Priti PatelThe Home Secretary, he’s been in various talks for weeks about military involvement in the English Channel. The armed forces are already working with the Border Force to carry out operations in the canal.

Shadow Home Secretary of the Labor Party, Yvette Coopersorry that the governmentFail“When it comes to taking” concrete and forceful action with France to stem the migration crisis, Cooper says. ”

Yvette Cooper He adds that the Johnson administration has already removed Marina to patrol the English Channel in 2019 and “they did not intercept a single boat and the cost to the Home Office was £780,000”.

The army will act to prevent the crossing of migrants across the English Channel. From the beginning 2022, more than 770 People crossed by boat. in a 2021 a . is established Register with 28,000 expats in the UK.

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