Haitian Senate condemns the coup attempt and police excesses – Prensa Latina

48 hours after President Juvenil Mossi was convicted of a failed coup and assassination attempt, the senators warned that the current situation could lead to the outbreak and disintegration of the nation, and demanded that the authorities exercise restraint in maintaining security and maintaining public order.

Parliament, which has been suspended since January 2020, and lost all MPs and two-thirds of the Senate, repeated the call for dialogue to search for a way out of the crisis, as well as a peace agreement.

The memorandum signed by President Joseph Lambert affirms that the constitution should be the only compass in the political game, and urges both the power and the opposition to strictly respect the provisions of Magna Carta.

The statement refers to the tense political situation in the country since Sunday, when the opposition and civil society organizations estimated the end of Moss’ term, and appointed a judge of cassation to head the transitional government.

Hours earlier, the police arrested about twenty people, including Judge Evikel Dabrizel, and accused them of plotting against the internal security of the state.

On the streets, the agents used tear gas and live bullets to disperse the demonstrators in the vicinity of the National Palace, wounding at least two journalists.

Meanwhile, Moyes sacked three judges from the Court of Cassation the previous day, two of them linked to the interim administration proposed by the opposition, a measure that experts question, because the attorneys’ attorneys are not transferred, according to the constitution, they confirmed.

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