The UK will scrap 30 of its Eurofighter aircraft, which will be used for spare parts

he British Ministry of Defence Thirty of its fighter aircraft will be retired Eurofighter Typhoonall of which correspond to the call level 1 (Slide 1, as they are commonly called) of production. That is, it is the oldest and least developed of the more than 650 fighters of this type that have been ordered so far.

The person responsible for Defense procurement in the United Kingdom, James CartledgeIn response to a parliamentary question about the status of the first Eurofighter units posed by a Labor MP Clive LewisConfirming that this fleet is from Slide 1 It will be taken out of service to be stripped of usable parts to contribute to the fleet's spare parts inventory tornado“.

The planned timetable includes the retirement of 26 of these fighters at the end of March 2024, while four others will continue to serve until 2027.

The UK is the second largest user of the upgraded aircraft alongside Italy, Spain and Germany, and is the main customer for the model.

Support maintenance of the remaining fleet

London even considered the possibility of supplying Eurofighter Typhoon first stage To Ukraine, but the option was rejected due to the logistical difficulties that the operation would pose.

The parts that can be extracted from the 30 aircraft that will be retired will be used to support the maintenance of the remaining 107 units that will remain operational, according to specialized local media. Defense Magazine UK.

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