The UK will provide victim assistance to witness serious incidents such as the attacks

Madrid, May 29. (Press Europe) –

Witnesses to potentially traumatic incidents in the UK are also entitled to the assistance the government normally provides to direct victims, according to the Ministry of Justice, which expects around 1,200 people to benefit from the measure from June.

The ministry gives the example of the Manchester Arena attack in 2017 as an example of the need to expand aid coverage, so that children or young people who know at least one direct victim can receive assistance.

The government is considering increasing the budget currently allocated to the National Homicide Service, which is run by an outside organization and through which various issues, such as psychological care or legal advice, are channeled, by about 600,000 pounds (about 690,000 euros).

Justice Minister Alex Chalke stressed the service was providing “vital” support to many families “in the worst of circumstances”, ensuring they get the “emotional and practical help they need”. “By expanding the service (…), thousands of people will be able to access the support they need as soon as possible,” he added in a statement.

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