Consultia Business Travel expands its presence in Europe: it reaches the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy

Valencia. COnsultia Business Travel, the more A Spanish company specializing in comprehensive management and business travel consulting announces its arrival United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy. These three countries are key to the company’s expansion plan and its global solution Destinux, which has so far had a presence in Spain, Portugal, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Destinux is a new technology used by more and more companies, and it represents a change in the traditional way of contracting a travel agency by offering a comprehensive corporate travel management software license that integrates with the client’s systems (ERP), allowing you to eliminate traditional administrative fees and save time and costs. All this, without losing the human treatment through the presence of a personal travel assistant, where the traveler has at his disposal a specific person who is responsible for resolving any unexpected event that may arise.

The expansion of the service to new countries responds to the company’s strategy of accompanying its customers in all the countries in which they are present to offer the benefits and coverage of Destinux in its various branches. According to Carlos Martinez, CEO of Consultia Business Travel, “The UK, Ireland and Italy are strategic markets for us because they will allow us to serve international clients who have subsidiaries in different parts of Europe. Our short-term goal is to strengthen our presence and expand our network throughout Europe.” “.

Expectations to expand into more countries in the short term

In addition, the company specializes in comprehensive corporate travel management as part of its international expansion plans Expanding its services to 7 countries and thus reaching a total of 14 European countries in the coming months.

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Consultia Business Travel was founded in 2010 in Spain, as a company specializing in corporate travel with the desire to provide the best human service using the most innovative technology. With an interest in making operations more efficient, the company from the beginning developed Destinux, a global corporate travel management software that represents a significant savings for businesses.

The company, which aims, in addition to expanding its services to other countries, to make its offer accessible to all companies globally, last year made a series of improvements in this regard such as simplifying its product and revamping its website in different languages ​​as well as the graphical interface of its Destinux solution.

In fact, in recent months the company has integrated workers of different profiles and is looking for new talents in these countries that will allow them to respond to needs derived from the process of international expansion and foreign growth.

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