The UK will lift restrictions next week despite the progress of the Delta variant

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed he will go ahead with the opening plan خطة

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson He appeared on Monday to confirm that he would continue to ease measures on July 19 as planned.

After that, there will be no restrictions despite the progression of the highly contagious delta variant in the country. The Prime Minister has confirmed it “You have to go slow.” But she justified these actions. On July 19, remote work will not be advised, the nightlife will be allowed to reopen, and theaters and stadiums will be able to accommodate it at full capacity.

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Indoor masks and social distancing will also stop being mandatory, and many experts have criticized the recent decisions at a time when daily infections from the delta variant of the coronavirus have already exceeded 30,000.

Along the same lines, the Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, emphasized that the closure again now has not proven to have positive effects, and defended that the important thing is to continue with the current vaccination rate to avoid serious cases of coronavirus infection.

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