The UK will launch covert missions of its own forces against Russia and China, according to a senior British military officialمسؤول


July 17, 2021, 23:38 GMT

The change in the concentration of British special forces could mean that this corps trains the fleets of countries near the South China Sea or monitors military and intelligence units from Russia and China.

British Special Forces will focus on a new covert mission against China and Russia as part of a shift in focus to confront the country’s “great adversaries”, pointed out The Times quoted Royal Marines Commodore Mark Totten last Saturday.

The British Royal Marines will take over the roles traditionally assigned to the country’s special forces – Special Air Service (SAS) and the Private Boat Service (SBS)— so that these units have more time and assets to carry out “high-risk” missions against other nations, according to Totten.

“What we can do is allow [las Fuerzas Especiales] focus on [las tareas] More difficult and more complex against Russia and ChinaThis was stated by the senior official.

“It takes real specialized expertise, so we will give them more time and more staff to handle the matter [esas tareas]Totten, who leads a “future command force” of 4,000 Royal Marines, explained that we can carry out some missions, such as naval counter-terrorism, for example, or joint operations, which are difficult and involve greater risks. who “share the burden” with SAS and SBS.

Totten’s comments represent the first official acknowledgment that London plans to deploy its special forces on covert missions specifically targeting Russia and China.

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For its part, British army sources told The Times that as part of the change in approach, special forces could be assigned Politically traitorous tasksSuch as training the navies of countries near the South China Sea to better defend themselves against the supposed “hostility” of Beijing.

The nature of the possible operations of British special forces against Russia remains unclear. However, according to the newspaper, it is believed that top secret operations can do this Engage forces operating alongside MI6 To launch surveillance operations against Russian and Chinese army and intelligence units.

In early June, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that although Moscow does not hide the power of its armed forces or its influence in the world, Russia is not interested in imposing its way of life on other countries and wants to end the confrontation with the West.

“[Rusia] He has no great power ambitions Lavrov stressed that no matter how someone tries to convince himself and others otherwise. Nor do we have the Christian fervor with which our Western partners are trying to expand their entire planet. Democratic Values ​​Agenda. “It became clear to us for a long time that imposing a certain development model from the outside does not lead to any good, and examples are the Middle East and North Africa, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan,” he said.

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