The Mirakan Museum, a highly futuristic science center in Tokyo


The Mirakan Museum in Tokyo is an interactive science center that attempts to bring a little bit of the future into our time.

The Mirakan Museum, Tokyo’s interactive science museum (Photo: Unplash)

Interactive museums are amazing and when you add in the great museums Technological progress in Japan And a futuristic atmosphere, it becomes something you cannot miss. The The Mirakan Museum is one of the most impressive cultural centers in Tokyo Here we will tell you more about it.

located in The artificial island of OdaibaMiraikan is known as the Museum of the Future, because unlike the usual science centers, this museum has a very special way of teaching complex scientific concepts to its visitors.

Its permanent exhibition is based on experiments, here you will not find large Incredible photo sites But you will live an experience that will make you learn as well as entertain you for hours without even noticing.

The main idea of ​​the museum is that you interact with its technology and understand every step of the process without the need for major theoretical explanations. your tools They work until you see and understand each situation for yourself.

The museum’s most famous wings are those devoted to robotics, computing, and space exploration. Although it also has areas dedicated to medicine, cosmology, earthquakes, and even underwater exploration.

Asimo: the star robot of the Mirakan Museum

As the cherry on the cake in the permanent exhibition of the Mirakan Museum is Honda’s Android ASIMO. It is a robot created as part of a project to restore mobility to people with quadriplegia.

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Asimo is able to move freely and simulate human displacement very well, so in the Mirakan Museum He is the star of the show who leaves young and old with their mouths open. It has many functions during the day and visitors can choose the time that suits them to enjoy it.

For science lovers, this museum is a must visit sometime point and even for those who are not too fanatical about the science aspects. This is a great place to start learning and enjoying them.

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