The UK will allow travel from Spain without PCR from 4 October

Yesterday, the UK government announced that from 4 October it will be removing the traffic light that colored the risk of contracting coronavirus in different countries.

Instead, a “simpler” system will apply, with one list of countries in red for which restrictions will be applied, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps explained yesterday.

The decision means that Spain is no longer classified as a yellow country and that British tourists who have returned to the UK will not be required to submit a negative PCR report upon return to the country if they complete a vaccination schedule.

And the Spanish tourism sector celebrated the news, which sees it as an opportunity to extend the summer season for the group of tourists who, until the arrival of restrictions due to the epidemic, visited most of Spain. “I wish the British government had shown this flexibility much earlier, there is no doubt that from the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca we would welcome any action that contributes to the removal of barriers to movement, especially when we have protection systems and there is a high percentage of the population that has been vaccinated Already ”, confirmed the owners of hotels in Mallorca yesterday.

The UK is also considering revising the “later” protocols it applies when they arrive in the country, so that the mandatory two-day PCR test could be replaced with a “cheaper” antigen test. Travelers from countries marked in red will still be required to quarantine and take tests to check they are free of the virus, at a cost of around €2,700 per person.

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